South Padre Island 2011 Travelogue #6: Sea Turtle Inc.

The cuteness. Poor turtles. 

The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters (Asia) by Yinka Shonibare, MBE.  

The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters (Asia) by Yinka Shonibare, MBE.  

Gorilla Vs. Bear Festival: In Review.

So yeah, it’s currently 3:12 AM as I’m writing this and yes I’m kinda tired but whatever. I just got back from the Gorilla vs. Bear Festival. So how was it? Well…

First of all, Gorilla vs. Bear is a very popular indie music blog that just put on the first-ever Gorilla vs. Bear Festival, featuring nine artists and a dj. I wasn’t too interested in itI’d heard some of the bands and wasn’t impressedbut I went anyway. We missed the first band, Dreamed, since we came in late, but we caught most of Sunset’s act.

Sunset: I walked in, not really expecting much as I said, but these guys had energy that made me think maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all. The drummer’s long hair was flying through the air as he played, and I got into it. They’re a good live band. Their music wasn’t particularly good or catchy, but I enjoyed their act anyway.

Pure X: These guys were basically really mellow guitar-based music. They had almost no stage presence and bored me through their set. Didn’t stand out at all.

Sleep Over: Pure X with less guitars and more synthesizers.

Grimes: This one girl and a keyboard. She had a very high, childish hit-or-miss voice that I personally liked but another described as “like a Care Bear being molested”. Her personality and presence made up for her sloppy set and I enjoyed it, though the music isn’t anything I’ll really ever listen to.

Julianna Barwick: This one girl and a mostly unused keyboard. It was crazy. Most songs consisted solely of her voice layered upon itself so many times it sounds like a heavenly chorus of angels, something that may sound good in studio but simply isn’t concert music, ya know? No presence either.

Shabazz Palaces: A rap/hip-hop group consisting of two guys. They seriously need work on pulling themselves together… it was really chaotic, to be honest, and overall really bad. 

Preteen Zenith: These guys kept us waiting an entire hour before finally coming on. Apparently, it was also their first show tonight. The curtains pulled away and they did this weird ritual-type act before bam! and the lights and the disco balls came on and whoa what? Yeah, they definitely had some visuals, all right. They honestly put on an amazing show. The music isn’t for me, but you had to enjoy their act. They were heckled by White Denim fans though and were eventually cut off…

White Denim: I’d heard a lot of good things about this band, and by time they finally came on at 1:40 I was looking forward to them. They weren’t anything special though. Their stage presence was okay but their music was boring, in my opinion. And then we left midway through their set, thankfully. I was really hungry by then.

Overall, the festival pretty much sucked. Yeah. So there’s my half-asleep review. Half-asleep?! But it’s only four in the morning, Sebastian! Yeah, well, concerts make me tired afterward. Shut up.

The first installment of my travelogue videos of my vacation to South Padre Island. This one isn’t too eventful, but part 2 and all the rest will be much more awesome. I promise. If my editing program doesn’t stop crashing…


This is a short (really, really short) story I wrote in middle school that I just found. Haha, I always loved twists.


The world – or whatever it was – froze. This could not be happening. It could not be happening. It could absolutely not be happening.

            At least, that’s what I told myself, not that I believed it. It was just another one of those lies, one where I halfheartedly try to make myself feel better, even though I know that it’s completely and utterly hopeless.

            “Please!” I cried out to the man, that man who was so apathetic about my issues. Did he not have a heart?

            Of course, he simply shook his head again – No.

            It was a scene from my worst nightmares, something that I had dreamt about every once in a while, but, apart from the waking in cold sweat part, really never thought too much about.

            Now I was here. There was no denying that. Already kneeling, I put my head down and cried some more. I then brought my head up and pleaded again. “Please!” I screamed. It didn’t work. I screamed it again, as loud as I could, as much as I could, all to no avail.

            The man was the only thing I could see, that tall, brown-haired, bored man. Only darkness surrounded us. Although I had only known him for a few minutes, he was already my worst enemy.

            I screamed again, got up, ran to him, and attacked him, but his apathy remained, his stoicism showing right through. I silently wondered if he had ever been a real man with a real consciousness. He couldn’t have been. Although he hadn’t really made a move, I was sure he was evil. He was just plain evil.

            I kneeled down again, threw myself to the floor, and simply cried. Finally, he spoke again, his voice as stoic as his body.

            “It is not up to me. It is up to the universe, and these laws of the universe are the only things that keep us in check.”

            “I’m not dead though!” I screamed back at him. “I can’t be! I could have survived that car accident, how do you know?”

            “You are here,” he replied. “That is enough. You cannot be here and be alive.”

            “But I didn’t even feel pain! I can’t be dead!”

            “You did not feel pain. Do you know what some others would give for that?” For the first time, he showed emotion. It was sadness. I realized that he was dead, too. He had probably been in my same position, too - begging for his life back.

            The truth sunk in. It was hopeless. That blue car that had hit me, though – what had happened to them?

            As if reading my thoughts, the man spoke again. “There was a man, his wife, and their two kids in it. They are all dead, too.”

            Guilt seeped in now. I had killed four people along with me. I fell to the ground again, crying.

            I thought about all I could have done and all that could have been. It was all hopeless…

            I awoke with a start.

            I smiled. It had all been a dream, just another dream! I wasn’t dead; I was alive!

            I then realized how much of a lie that was when I saw the blue car I was hurtling towards at fifty miles per hour.


So it’s exactly a month into summer (for me) and I don’t like the way it’s turned out, as usual.

I had this big list of stuff to do, mainly be productive, and I’ve done, like, none of it. I have not been productive at all. I’ve barely even seen my friends. I’ve barely written anything; I’ve barely listened to any podcasts. I need to study for AcDec, too. Eurgh. I haven’t even caught up with a bunch of Internet links. What’s wrong with me?

There’s still like a month-and-a-half of summer left though, and it’ll be unimpeded by summer school, since tomorrow’s its last day (yay!). It has been fun, but I won’t miss waking up at 5:30 anymore. Until school starts again; then I’ll keep having to get up at that time, even though school’ll be starting fifteen minutes later, since my dad’s work starts at the same time. At my mom’s, though, I’ll have the luxury of sleeping in until 6:15, which’ll be nice. Maybe I’ll get enough sleep next year to get by.

Which brings up the fact that I am now finding myself almost looking forward to school starting again next year. Maybe due partially to the return of my best friend to my school, I don’t know. But I have this kind of come at me, bro attitude, like, “Give me your worst; I’ll be ready.” Which isn’t good because I know I won’t be ready. Next year will be the worst and hardest school year in high school; I’m taking four AP classes, 2 other pre-AP classes, and not a single blowoff, except for maybe Creative Writing, which’ll only last a single semester, and Advanced Architectural Design, because that stuff is easy and fun.

And I’ve also been kinda missing school—the actual place, I mean. It’s just because of my picturesque nostalgia, though.

So, I guess now that summer school is over and done with, I’ll have more time to study, read, and be productive in the next coming weeks. I feel better already. Oh, and I need to make new videos, too. I expect to get some cool footage at South Padre, though. But I mean like a scripted(ish) humour thing with my friends. That’d be cool. Yeah.


Yay for Justice. 

So sad to see something like this. So when poor Roy Brown feels remorseful and tries to give the $100 money back, he’s arrested. That'll teach people to do the right thing. Meanwhile, dirtbag Paul Allen steals three billion dollars and gets barely more than a fifth of the time?
This country…


Yay for Justice. 

So sad to see something like this. So when poor Roy Brown feels remorseful and tries to give the $100 money back, he’s arrested. That'll teach people to do the right thing. Meanwhile, dirtbag Paul Allen steals three billion dollars and gets barely more than a fifth of the time?

This country…

Summer To-Do List.
  • Study AcDec like a boss
  • Write articles on religion/ethics/morality/politics
  • Think about education reform, write about it some
  • Review some music or something
  • Maybe develop a good idea for a story and hopefully actually write it
  • Listen to the couple thousand songs I have but haven’t heard yet
  • Catch up on a lot of links I’ve saved
  • Be intellectual in general
  • Have fun in Summer School
  • Get my learner’s permit
  • Birthday prank at the mall (you shall see its awesomeness)
  • Hang out with friends
  • Make videos
  • Survive
Haha, it took me a moment to get it, but it’s hilarious. And so true.

Haha, it took me a moment to get it, but it’s hilarious. And so true.




…is awesome. And I shall now delineate why. With a song:

Yeah, that was the new single “Huggin’ & A Kissin’” by Big Black Delta, aka Jon Bates armed with some synthesizers & computers (thanks to the also-awesome Alessandro Cortini). 

Is it not awesome?

I’ve seriously had this song stuck in my head almost all week, and I’m still not sick of it. How could you be? Really? 

It’s the first single released from Big Black Delta’s upcoming debut BBDLP, which is about as creatively named as Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D, but hey. The only really worrying thing is that there’s no 1 appended to it (as in the ep BBDEP1), which kinda scares me. Oh well, that probably just means his next album will have a better title.

BBDLP from what I’ve heard is probably coming out next month, in April, so I am super ‘cited. I can already guarantee this album is gonna have some killer beats. Seems like anything Jon Bates is a part of is awesome.

I hope BBDLP propels gets him a bunch more fans because he seriously deserves them, no joke. Hell, I barely heard about Big Black Delta. I’ve been a fan of Nine Inch Nails since I was probably in the womb (later singing ‘Head Like A Hole’ on my tricycle), and then Alessandro Cortini joined the live set to make it even more epic. Some other fans talked about his main project Modwheelmood, and after a couple of years, once Pearls To Pigs came out, I decided to check it out. Instantly hooked, I later found out about SONOIO, got blue as soon as it came out, heard Jon singing on Houdini, wondered who the hell he was, looked at the cd case, and saw his name and website. Then I looked him up and got BBDEP1

BBDEP1 is, in case you couldn’t guess, the first EP by Big Black Delta, with five amazingly awesome songs. I honestly can’t say I have a favorite song from it. They’re all intensely electronic (with the exception of ‘Dreary Moon’), but not really what you’d think of upon hearing ‘electronic’. It all seems pretty experimental—especially ‘BBD3’, which is really weird—but can’t really be described as that either. It’s pretty hard to express in words the awesomeness that is Jon Bates’ music. Back on track: BBDEP1 is actually available for free and it’s really easy to get it, just click get it now and put in your email below and press submit and what the hell are you waiting for? 

Where would we be if Alessandro and Jon hadn’t met? I don’t know. Anyway, yeah, BBDLP is hopefully coming out next month, and, on a very related note, so is SONOIO’s next album red. The latter is at least supposed to be announced next month—I don’t know if it’ll actually come out then—but I honestly can’t wait for it or its next counterpart, which is apparently due out October. Will it be green? yellow? fuschia? It’s as of yet unknown. But seriously, SONOIO/Alessandro Cortini is just as awesome. The first four songs from his debut blue are available for free below, just put in your email again and seriously man why the crap are you hesitating? It’s free stuff! And legal! So get it!

But, uh, yeah, so Jon Bates used to have this other band called Mellowdrone which I only heard about because this one article mentioned it. So of course I had to go check ‘em out. They’re nothing at all like Big Black Delta, which was expected because it was before Alessandro got Jon hooked on electronics. But they are about as awesome. I’m totally into their album Box right now.

That’s it for now. Get the free music and LIKE IT because it’s awesome.

New singles and stuff.

Song: "Rope" by Foo Fighters from Wasting Light

I’ve always kinda liked Foo Fighters, but not that much. This song, though, the first released from their upcoming seventh album Wasting Light, sure gets me excited for the new release. It’s pretty interesting, too; apparently the entire album was recorded completely without digital help: on analog, which is a really unique thing for a band to do nowadays. Imagine the editing process they had to go through, cutting up and splicing tons of tapes. Geez.

They’ve also released a song called “White Limo”, which isn’t as good but still is pretty damn good, plus an awesome video for it.

Song: "Take The World" by She Wants Revenge from Valleyheart

I still can’t believe I didn’t hear about this sooner. I had no idea, but Justin & Adam spawned Twitter accounts and got to making more music. Sweeet. And I had thought they were on hiatus or something.

Anyway, I was hoping the music wouldn’t follow in the direction of their latest EP, Up & Down, which was way too pop-like for my taste. And was I let down? Hell no! “Take The World”, the first song released (though apparently not the first single?), goes back to the band’s 80’s influences, with a very Depeche Mode-y synth part and a kind of simply epic feel to it. The song is amazing, and I’m just stoked for the release of their third album, Valleyheart. Weird name, but pretty cool. Apparently though, the first single is actually "Must Be The One", which I don’t really like, damnit. The video’s supposed to be out soon though.

I’m really glad Justin’s stuck with this project unlike, say, One Inch Punch or his solo stuff. I’m not a fan of his rap, though One Inch Punch was great. This is a lot better, though, and I’m glad that it stuck. It’s kinda funny though how the two guys originally got together to make rap. Thank god that’s not what ended up happening.

Song: "Brick By Brick" by Arctic Monkeys from Suck It & See

I like Arctic Monkeys. Their second album Favourite Worst Nightmare is one of my favourite albums, but they’ve never been one of my favourite bands. I’ve never been able to get into the other two albums of theirs, not even one song. This new track, however, “Brick By Brick”, is great. But although I personally like it, a lot of their fans have been hating on the song, which is easily understood when you realise it sounds almost nothing like Arctic Monkeys. Even the singer’s voice was unrecognisable to me at first, and the instrumentation is totally different from what I’ve heard of theirs before. Nevertheless, it’s an awesome song, so I’ve added the album it’ll be from to my stuff to look forward to.

Song: "4 In The Morning’" by Low Millions from Beautiful

This song: it’s not new. It’s been out for over half a year now, and is supposedly the first single from their new second album, which was due out last September. Buuuut it never came out, which sucks, because I’m still really looking forward to it. This single, however, isn’t that strong in my opinion. I’m not too big a fan of it. I mean, it’s okay, but not as good as anything from Ex-Girlfriends. Will the rest of the album be better? We’d know if they’d only release it.

2011: a good year for music.

2011 is shaping up to be a gooood year in music. Seriously. A list of my awaited albums coming out:

Already out:

  • Thank You Happy Birthday by Cage The Elephant (January 11)
  • The King Of Limbs by Radiohead (February 18)

Release date confirmed:

  • Wasting Light by Foo Fighters (April 12)
  • Destroyed by Moby (May 16)
  • Valleyheart by She Wants Revenge (May 24)
  • Codes & Keys by Death Cab For Cutie (May 31)
  • Suck It & See by Arctic Monkeys (June 6)

Vague release date:

  • BBDLP by Big Black Delta (April?)
  • solo album by Jon Fratelli (June)
  • third album by The Subways (Spring)
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross (Fall)
  • debut album by How To Destroy Angels (Fall)

Unknown release date:

  • fourth album by The Bravery
  • second album by Paper Route
  • fourth album by Franz Ferdinand
  • second album by SONOIO
  • Beautiful by Low Millions

So that right there is just flappin’ awesome. Seventeen albums, plus more that I’ll probably end up liking a lot of others that I won’t have looked forward to. Sweeet.

SONG OF THE DAY: “Idea For A Story” by Bloc Party. This is probably my favourite song from the album, but it was only on special editions. It’s a fairly rare song, for some reason. It’s absolutely amazing, but wasn’t put on the actual album.

The video is some weird mashup between Bloc Party live footage and… Inception? Sure…

SONG OF THE DAY: “Houdini” by SONOIO, which is Alessandro Cortini, former touring member of Nine Inch Nails and half of duo Modwheelmood. This is from his first release that came out last year, which is awesome. You can listen to more at his website.